The Enneagram in Italy

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To understand how the Enneagram is being used in Italy it is first important to understand the culture, the environment, the social, and the economic context. In Italy, the desire of people to deepen their knowledge of themselves is still not widespread. Until a few years ago, indeed, the tradition has pushed people more easily to the religious denomination to a self-analysis. In the last twenty years many people have started to look for a different state of well-being and the companies have started to define more broadly the needs of individuals at work.

It is only in the last ten years, due to managers’ needs of improving their performances, that they have starting adding behavioral competencies to the typical techniques. For this reason managers and executives have worked hard to balance their careers: private and professional. Human Resources divisions have started to offer training programs aiming at the growth and the strengthening of leadership of their managers.

Most of the techniques to empower managers’ leadership and skills were often imported from Anglo-Saxon models of success, but it has been hard to adjust the Italians’ vision to these broader perspectives. For many years we have worked toward thinking how to help Italian executives to become managers in and of the world, but remain Italian in their hearts.

Coaching and executive coaching have emerged in recent years as flexible and personalized methods of increasing success. In particular, business and executive coaching are finding ways to succeed in the executives’ world thanks to personalized routes that lead managers through strengthening paths, giving them elevated and deep competencies and opportunities to develop their business acumen.

In this direction, the Enneagram, more than other disciplines, is a precious discovery for those who want to overcome their limitations and pitfalls, for it helps develop their strength and determination in a clear, solid and durable way. The way to better approach Italy and the Enneagram is to push and emphasize its own ethical principles and essence; just think of the concepts of capital vices, the path of growth and the release, that lead people to acquire their skills and talents through its natural virtues, and how this is similar to the Christian imprinting, still strong in Italy.

We can say that in Italy the Enneagram has been traditionally taught primarily to individuals and initially presented in holistic disciplines and as such, it lived as an alternative, therefore not accepted.

Only in recent years, some have finally begun to spread the Enneagram in professional fields such as coaching, but the knowledge of this valuable tool is in a start-up phase. For this reason we can say that the Enneagram can have an important success in Italian and multinational local companies in the coming years.